WMvsZ 1.0 Basic Game Rules forked from TvsZ 8.0 Rules


TvsZ is self-officiated, much like the “Spirit of the Game” concept in Ultimate Frisbee. There are no umpires or officials. The players on the internet make all the calls. The responsibility for fair play is put on the participants, who are asked to help make the game fun for everyone. To ask for clarification or offer clarification without making yourself more vulnerable, include the hashtag #rules to your tweet. For example, if you get a #bite from another player, and there are a flurry of #swipes and you aren’t sure whether or not any of them worked, you can just ask the other players to make the call by using the #rules hashtag. However, a tweet that includes the #rules tag must include a specific question, an answer to a question, or a clarification of a rule; otherwise, it will qualify as “chatter.” Any player using #rules for “chatter” will be not be immune from zombie attack.[a][b]

Basic Rules:

  1. All game related post must be in reply to another post. If your website does no have a reply post type or post-kind copy and past this link into you post
     <link href="#" class="u-in-reply-to">
    where you paste in the blog post you are replying to
  2. All players must enable webmentions. If you do not have native webmentions you can use Bridgy
  3. All players are encouraged to make up a back story for either a human or a zombie
  4. All players must post at least 10 times during each 24-hour period of the game to be considered active for that day.
  5. A ZOMBIE can #bite (to attack) once every 30 minutes. The post must include a reply link to the human, the hashtag or tag #bite, and a bit of narrative. More than one ZOMBIE can bite the same HUMAN. That HUMAN will need an equal number of dodges and/or swipes in order to remain a HUMAN. For example, 3 bites can be deflected by 1 dodge and 2 swipes.
  6. We will use syndication to track bites. Include this link in your #Bite post
     <p>This was also posted to
  7. A ZOMBIE can only #bite a HUMAN on a reply to a post from that HUMAN that is 20 minutes older or less.
  8. A HUMAN can #dodge (to protect themselves) once per hour and #swipe (to protect someone else) once per hour. Dodges and swipes do not stack/carry over to the next hour. Once a dodge or swipe post has been used, it can not be used again by the same HUMAN until an hour of time has elapsed from the moment of use.
  9. When you are bitten, you have 5 minutes to reply to the ZOMBIE with #dodge or have another player reply to you AND the zombie with #swipe in order to remain a HUMAN. For example, if you are bit at 1:00 and respond with a #dodge at 1:04, you are safe. If you respond with a #dodge at 1:06 pm, you were too late and you have been turned into a zombie. That means it's time for you to go out and bite some HUMANS! 
  10. To send a #dodge post, reply to the bite post and syndicate to
     <p>This was also posted to
  11. To send a #swipe post, reply to the bite post and syndicate to
     <p>This was also posted to
  12. A successful dodge tweet must reply to the bite post of the zombie who bit you, include the tag and hashtag #dodge and a bit of narrative. A successful swipe post must ibe a reply to the attacking zombie, and include a link to the website of the human being rescued, the tag and hashtag #swipe, and a bit of narrative.
  13. Everyone in the game except for PATIENT ZERO starts off as HUMAN. If you are a HUMAN and are unable to fend off a ZOMBIE through #dodge or #swipe, you will be turned into a ZOMBIE.
  14. Every post you make while you are a human should include
     <p>I am human
  15. Every post you make while you are a zombie should include
     <p>mmmm Brains
  16. A ZOMBIE cannot bite a HUMAN who is tweeting with the #rules hashtag. That hashtag is meant to give humans a chance to ask other players about the rules of the game.
  17. Be sure to keep checking this document. New rules will emerge every 12 hours during the game (and sometimes sooner (or later!) than that).